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      Differentiate Or Die

      Differentiate Or Die

      Frequently when I’m consulting with real estate team leaders and agents, I’m told, “well, Mark, everyone is the same, just like me!” And I say: “differentiate or die.”

      Think about it; you can get gas for your car anywhere. You can take any airline or rental car firm to get you to your destination. So why do you trade where you trade? For some, it’s the price; for others, it’s service, and for many, it’s convenience.

      Think about it when marketing a commodity business consider the following eight ways to?differentiate yourself:

      • Deliver an overall superior customer service experience
      • Deliver superior responsiveness
      • Offer flexibility with a menu of services
      • Be the undisputed knowledge expert in your neighborhood
      • Become a valuable resource – the HUB of all things home service-related
      • Create more relevant and modern digital marketing
        • Example: Package your pre-listing, listing and post-listing communications in a very unique and fun way
      • Surprise and delight with creative neighborhood events
        • Example: A shredder or charity truck drop off for spring cleaning
      • Build more robust and more in-depth relationships – an organic loyalty program.

      Take the perfect transaction from your experience and work backward. Reinvent a great experience from start to finish. Then ask for feedback. Studies show you just need to ask four questions:

      1. What did we do well?
      2. What can we do better?
      3. Would you refer us to others who need to buy, sell, or invest?
      4. Anything else you would like to share with us?

      So there you have it differentiate or die! Will you?

      Questions to ponder…

      Questions to ponder…

      Questions to ponder…

      How can you make buying or selling real estate more fun, easy, joyful and positive for your clients?

      What would make the consumers choice of selecting you as the listing or buying agent a “no brainer?”

      If they wanted to – and they don’t – how would Apple, Google or Microsoft market and sell real estate? How would they create the customer experience? With this mindset, would you change your approach to marketing your real estate services?

      What are you the best at in your marketplace?

      What is you niche of expertise?

      Are you a hyper local expert?

      Remember that quote, “You are unique or you are weak.”

      These questions are designed to mix it up a little. Uncomfortable?

      Let me know your thoughts.

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