How To Avoid The Holiday Coma

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Like you, I’m coming off the Thanksgiving holiday.

Full of gratitude and the food coma.

In this prior post, I wrote about the “Mindset, Attitude, Actions, and Results” cycle. Here is what we know, the difference between mindset and attitude is clear:

Your Mindset is a way of thinking; that in turn drives your attitude which shows up in how you approach things, your language tone, and posture. That in turn drives your actions and your behavior which ultimately delivers an outcome or a result.



So, if your business is in a food coma, here are 2 steps to consider:

1. Move your body more!

  • Over the next 4 weeks, improve your posture and increase your daily physical activity

2. Make sure your business plan is relevant and up to date by 12/15 or sooner. And in that process ensure you:

Move your body MORE

Tony Robbins, consultant, and coach to CEOs and self-help guru believes that what the body does, the mind follows. Wake up your body and your mind is awoken.

Example: what is your posture at this moment? When was the last time you went on a brisk walk? How do you carry yourself? How do you dress? How does your face look at this exact moment? Change your physical state: Take a daily walk, sit up straighter, put a smile on your face, dress the part for your industry and see if that doesn’t have an immediate effect on your mindset.

If you’re interested, look into the book “Presence” where author Amy Cuddy explains the science behind all of this and even shows you a couple of power poses. Here is a link to her amazing Ted Talk.

Is Your Business Plan Relevant?

Define your value and remember it’s NOT all about you! Be TOTALLY clear about how choosing you as a real estate agent benefits your prospect. Like JparSureSale and JPAR’s ReDibs partnership.

When someone asks you what you do, it can be tempting to list your awards and accomplishments. Try to be mindful about naming specific ways your services benefit sellers, buyers, or investors.

Benefit-focused value statements resonate with prospects in a meaningful way.

For example:

  • I’m one of a few agents qualified to consult with you on “traditional selling, trading your home or an instant cash offer.”?
  • I specialize in helping empty nesters find the luxury downtown condo that’s just right for them.
  • I am a ninja negotiator with a track record of selling homes at an average of 2 percent over list.
  • Want to sell fast? Then I’m your real estate agent, as my listings sell in 26 days on average, 13 days faster than the norm.

Troubleshoot any issue holding you back. Unless you are a hobbyist in real estate, you’ll need systems for:

  • Consistent quality – for you, your clients, and your partners.
  • Simplifying your workload – like a checklist for a pilot before takeoff
  • Saving time. Less time wondering what to do next and more time doing it
  • Highlighting and eliminating inefficiencies
  • Growing your business – serve more people, make more money

At JPAR we just released a video series and white papers on the “CEO Guide To Building A High-Performance Team” and the “CEO Guide To Hiring Your First Assistant.” ?If these challenges are holding you back reach out to us at [email protected] for a complimentary strategy consult.

Do you have a clear TARGET?

When we see agents and teams struggling, too often their target market is just not specific enough. Many agents and teams may have several different types of target markets. Yet, for the purposes of marketing your business, you want to start with a laser focus on sellers and buyers. Your target market profile should be specific enough to answer basic questions like:

  • Where can you find sufficient numbers of them in groups?
  • What media do they consume? (How to reach them – example our JPAR Lead Network)
  • What blog sites, websites, forums do they frequent?
  • How engaged are they on social media and which platform?
  • What associations do they belong to?

The power of a small group.

If your business is struggling – or you want to get over the holiday coma – as the business owner, it can be tough to see the forest between the trees. It’s easy to get in overdrive mode putting in more hours working in the business with little or no time left to work on the business. This is where it would be wise to seek expert from like-minded individuals, a business coach, or BOTH.

There you go 6 practical steps you can take to overcome the business food coma!

What action will you take to get out of OR avoid a business holiday coma?



About the Author
Mark is the Chief Executive Officer of JP & Associates, a rapidly growing full-service real estate brokerage. He is focused primarily on expansion and productivity. He has invested nearly 20 years in understanding the inner workings of high performing real estate agents, teams, managers, and leaders in major markets across the world. In prior assignments, he served as a Business Coach, in progressive leadership capacities for the 5th largest US-based real estate brokerage firm; in sales and customer marketing leadership capacities for a major consumer goods company; and served a stint in the US Army, Medical Service Corp. He was later recalled to active duty during the desert storm campaign.

Mark is a father of 3, lifelong learner, Spartan and adventure athlete. He earned his MBA from California State University and a Behavioral Change Certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine. A number of years ago he decided to make "One Helluva Move" and not play it safe, and since then in his spare time he has climbed the world’s tallest free-standing mountain - Kilimanjaro; completed the Spartan tri-fecta, the LA Marathon and the world-famous Iowa border to border RABGRAI ride among other crazy adventures.